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Contact us now for your FREE no obligation 5 point PC health check.

5 checks to ensure your PC is running correctly, securely & up to speed. Call or email for your on-line appointment.

Our 5 checks to ensure your PC is running correctly, securely & up to speed.

1) Disc space - Check the available free space on your local drives.
2) Software updates - Check to see you are running the latest software versions of your operating system and applications.
3) Anti-virus & Malware - Check to make sure you have a reliable security package installed, that its up to date with the latest definitions
4) Internet speed - to assure you are running at the speed you have contracted from you ISP.
5) Drivers - Check you have the latest drivers install for the hardware or attached devices.

These are 5 simple but important check we will carry out for you either remotely or if you prefer, we will explain how to do it yourself over the phone.
We understand that trust and security is a concern, and some clients prefer us not to connect remotely. For this reason, we have created a short document available on request explaining how you can run these checks yourself.
Once you have completed these checks and if you find any problems you need help resolving our team of technicians are available to assist.

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